Friday, January 2, 2009

Batman's Bravery

Batman, a character who we all have become familiar with. With his extremely ripped body and nice suit, Batman helps clean up the schmuck that keeps corrupting Gotham City.

A new year has creeped up upon everyone, and consequently that means resolutions are going to be set. I still am trying to figure out what I'd like to change about myself or accomplish this year, but for sure one resolution I have for this year is to become like Batman. "Oh Aubrey, why would you want to become a fictional character this year?" is probably what is going through your head right about now, but first, gimme a chance to explain.

When Batman (Bruce Wayne in the daylight) was a young boy, he was terribly afraid of bats. As the years went on, he learned to overcome his fears and use them to help the people out in Gotham City. He wanted to help make Gotham a better place by destroying all forms of evil. It is pretty neat that he was able to be this super crime fighting machine, and even got his nickname from the thing he was scared of: bats.

When I say I'd like to be more like Batman this year, I mean I would like to overcome my fears and use them for the greater good of humanity, or for the greater good of myself/family/friends/etc. I won't be ripped, or be able to take apart a shotgun with my bare hands, but I would like to be able to overcome my fears that hold me back from many, many great things.

For example, I need to not be so afraid to speak in front of large groups of people. I'm extremely bad at this! It debilitates me to where the point I have breakdowns and refuse to do it. I sometimes I avoid situations where I know I would probably have to speak in front of people I don't know very well. Now that I am on two committees (Stake Youth Committee for church, and then another committee at school), I need to overcome this. I know I'll be plunged into speaking in some way, so it'd be easier to deal with if I wasn't terrified of doing it.

There are other fears I'd love to overcome, and I know that I can if I rely on God to help me. Hopefully by next year, I'll be able to say I'm not as afraid of speaking in public--oh how great that'd be! My hope for everyone this year is to become like Batman by overcoming one of their biggest debilitating fears and use it to help out others. Happy new year!


KC Mom said...

So well written. I know you'll do it...batman.

Hunter Bug said...

What a great way of looking at it!! One of my fears is taking the necessary steps to overcome my fears... ahh... I guess I really need to work on that one huh? :)

Amber said...

I too have always hated public speaking. The way I have overcome it is that not very many people like public speaking, so why should it bother me?

Natalie said...

Good for you Aubrey! May the force be with you...oh sorry, wrong movie! Well, you know what I mean! :)

I am trying to overcome my fear of a life without Dr.Pepper. I don't know if I can do it, but I will try.