Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ME ME ME Mints

I was taking a drive this morning and decided to pop open my Ice Breakers Mints to help eliminate the taste of my chicken and cheese sandwich that I had previously eaten. Besides my lack of finger nails, I had quite a difficult time trying to open the stinking thing.

"What's with this stupid thing?" I thought as I pulled and pried. Well, turns out I had been trying to open the TO SHARE portion of the container. (For those of you who haven't needed a mint recently, the mint holder has two sides: one labeled TO SHARE and one labeled NOT TO SHARE.)

I've probably had these mints a billion times, yet, this time, something was different. Was the minty refreshness providing me inspiration and a "light bulb" moment? No, probably not. However, something caught my attention.

The TO SHARE portion of the box is itty bitty and small, while the NOT TO SHARE is very large and easy to get mints out of. (I know what you're thinking that I'm probably Captain Obvious, but trust me, this story does have a point.)

The Ice Breakers container is just like the world and this ME ME ME then you attitude.

People, generally speaking as a whole, tend to be selfish. It doesn't surprise me that even the mint box is reflecting this. "My breath is more important then your breath. Sorry." is essentially what is being portrayed through this.

Shouldn't the TO SHARE opening be bigger, instead of impossible to use? Shouldn't we, as people, be more willing to serve others above ourselves? It is kind of appauling that the container is like that. It is only premoting selfishness.

I just think it is pretty pathetic that we're being selfish with some flipping mints...seriously, they're not even the good kind (aka the buttermilk wedding mints or Lifesavers. Yum.) 

I'm not saying that Ice Breakers are bad, or of the devil. I'm not saying that all. I'm just saying that next time you share your mints, maybe you should be willing to share your "stash" with the others. It is what Jesus would do.