Friday, December 26, 2008

Crayon Nazi

cray-on /(krā'ŏn', -ən) -noun
1. A stick of colored wax, charcoal, or chalk, used for drawing

These are my Crayola crayons (not including my Crayola Twistables, which I have around 70 or so.) I have a problem; I collect the crayons but I am afraid of using them too much, therefore they are wasted wax. My nickname among my family is the Crayon Nazi, no, not because I murder innocent people that I don't like, or because I am an extreme fascist. No, the reason I'm called the Crayon Nazi is because I'm very, very, VERY strict with my crayons and their usage. I have rules that you must follow, or else you are NOT able to use my crayons again--ever. (This nickname was partially inspired by the Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi.)

C.N. Rules:
-Press lightly to avoid breakage of crayon or dullness of the tip
-Crayons must be organized in boxes by color and be placed in correct box
-Crayons are generally only used by Aubrey
-Crayons may not be used by someone Aubrey thinks will break the rules

These crayons are from my special edition 120 crayons. Crayons are organized by reds/purples/pinks, oranges/yellows, and then blues/green/browns.

These crayons are from my special edition "50 Years of 64" pack of crayons. They came with glitter crayons, metallic crayons, scented crayons, and multicultural ones.

This is my "100 Years of Color" crayon box, which I got when I was in the 4th grade. I still have all the colors but two, and one has been replaced. This is the box that started all the Crayon Nazi-ness. I have kept this box for 7 grade levels, and I plan to keep it for as long as possible. As you can see, the crayons are dull, but for being through as much as they have they're doing pretty well.


Natalie said...

I knew you and I had a lot in common, but this takes it to a whole new level!! I do the same things with pencils, pens, and paper! I love beautiful paper and notebooks, but I do not want anyone using them. Also with Sharpie markers because I do not like it when the tip goes from nice and pointy to blunt and round!Lots of times I don't even use my own paper/notebooks/pens/pencils!
Are we weird, or is it everyone else? Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!! I miss you and your family TONS!!!! Love you, Nat

KC Mom said...

You and Nat take the weirdness trophy!
I have to admit, I lean that way a tad but then I've had to get used to everyone messing up my big plans and ruining my organization!

McAtee Family said...

Aubrey - we could be long lost siblings!!! I have a weirdness with Crayons as well - I liked them all lined up, organized by color and sharp. Once you start coloring the crayon to a certain slant, you must keep going that way. I killed me in school to have to share a box of crayons with the whole table in class - I came home crying one day and my mom had to call and explain my issue to my 1st grade teacher. From then on, she let me keep my own special box in my desk - she must have thought I was a nut!!

When I had kids, it killed me to have to hand over a box of crayons to my 2 year-old who broke them, ripped of the paper and did all sorts of horrible things to my beautiful crayons - my husband still does not understand why I throw away their crayons and constantly buy them new ones - it kills me to look at all of the little crayola stubs!

Glad to hear that someone else is the Crayon Nazi in their house : )

Christina said...

I totally get this. It kills me to watch what Erica does to her crayons. Always losing them, thinks they double in numbers if she breaks them in half... It's almost painful to watch. Can't keep in crayons in my posession anymore, but the girls know hands off my scrapbooking markers and pencils!

thedeanfamily said...

Aubrey, this sounds a little OCD, and I know something about OCD! Actually, I do the same thing with my sharpie markers! I keep them separated by colors and fine point vs. regular point.

Amber said...

I completely get it! I too, as a 29 year old, have my own stash of crayons, and my mom still gets me new colors and color books every year!

Kathy said...

I have to say I am not surprised by this bit of information. You are your mother's child. BO Val would of course reproduced a crayon nazi. btw I am not even that bad with my special markers for scrapbooking. I love all the crayons though. I could have a lot of fun with those. :)