Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Time for introductions, I guess. Although everyone who will be reading this already knows who I am, I just thought I'd introduce myself properly and give you my oppinon on what exactly an Aubrey is. Anyway, here I go.

Aubrey is a noun that is pronounced [aww-bree] and is a "male name given in Germanic for the words elf and ruler." (according to I don't believe that the defintion fits me at all, and here are some reason why;

First off, I'm not a male, although, in the 3rd grade I use to tell people that I was Cyclops, from X-Men, and that my parents gave me a sex change as soon as I was born. Don't worry, my parents didn't have the funds to do that at the time, and I thankfully grew out of that phase.

Secondly, I do not have pointy ears and my skills with bow is very lacking--it takes me about a year and a half to hit my foam Cabela's target when I'm shooting my bow. I was Legolas, from Lord of the Rings, in 5th grade for Halloween....does that count as being an elf? Didn't think so.

And third, I'm not a ruler, but I do rule! Haha, okay, just kidding.

In a quest to find a proper definition of me, I went to and found several definitions of what 'Aubrey' is, so here are just a few (they humored me, actually.) Of course, these definitions don't exactly fit me either...maybe I should just make up my own?

Aubrey: French for "elf ruler" and "ruler of little people." A song sang by the band Bread. A really hot brunette girl who always dates tall guys. A huge, stinky, whiney retched chick who looks like a moose that swallowed a whale.

  1. Elven ruler of little I Santa Clause?
  2. I hate this song, with a passion mind you. My mom enjoys to blare it, of course.
  3. Well...I have dated really tall guys, but the hot brunette part is a bit off.
  4. Ouch! Do they think I'm an Alaskan Jonah from the Old Testament?

I got this off of my mom's blog:

"organized, a loyal friend, neurotic about wood and getting a splinter, non-public speaking unless it is for a grade, not planning to move away from her best friend parents, reading the scriptures everyday for 200 days straight, loves to wear skirts in elementary (even in the dead of winter), loves her back scratched by Gma Carol, a little too hard on herself, animal loving freak, keeps her word, got tired of being asked if she was growing her hair for Locks of Love, a little bit into NASCAR, great at "off the record", is uncovering her deep tender heart, defining who she is, snuggly with Poppa Joe in his chair, addicted to the computer, a fabuous journal writer, LOVES sharpies like her mother, hates being called Audrey or Bre, finding her own literary voice and looking for the perfect weather situation to live in."

Wow, she hit that nail right on it's puny little head. Kudos to my mommasita! :)