Monday, September 7, 2009

Political Rant [Version 1]

I figured it was time I posted a political rant on my blog, especially being deemed "most republican" in my besides my Vietnam veteran grandfather, which I gladly will take second place next to him. After all, he did defend our country and he is very knowledgeable, plus all those years of watching FOX News with him are finally rubbing off on me.

Dear President Obama,
I don't like you, and no, it's not because of your race. I'm not a racist, and if I was, you would know. I like our troops where they are. Do you know why our death tolls are raising in Iraq? It's because you're pulling us out, leaving the Middle Eastern insurgents to run ramped and destroy all that we have worked for. So, you're for the death of unborn babies, but you're okay with letting terrorists go wild? You claim that the woman has a choice, well, she does; she chooses to keep her pants unzipped. You're okay with same-sex marriage, which I do not support. I enjoy having guns and for those who claim that guns kill people, did you ever see a gun shooting all by itself? I don't believe in Socialism. If I work hard for my money, I'm going to reap the benefits of it and not some lazy person who won't go get a job. I have a Messiah, and I want a president. Be PROUD to be an AMERICAN, which apparently your birth certificate says you are. You put your hand on your heart and you say the pledge. And lastly, you do not go and APOLOGIZE for the American country--you're the only President who has done that, and I think that was a horrible move on your part.

-From A Concerned Right Wing,

On Tuesday, Obama is going to be giving an address to us, the kids. My school is showing it if the teacher choses to show it, and for those who don't want to see it can leave the room. Because I'm curious, I found the speech's text. If you would like to read it, come here:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's just a glass...

Lately, I've been very "half empty" on just about everything. There are so many things racing through my mind that I'm beginning to lose myself in doubt and worrying. I struggle to find the silver lining in all my situations. Because of my pessimistic attitude and how I'm going through and "emotional rehab" to change it around, I'm going to list out all my stormy clouds and try to see the rainbows within it. This blog isn't for anyone but myself.

The Clouds:
-I'm obsessed with how well I'm going to do at school this year. Five college classes, plus an incredibly tough military history class will do that to you :(

-I'm always, always, always tired and feel like I'm running out of time :(

-Constant joint pain from arthritis :(

The Rainbows:
-These classes will be a good taste of what college is, plus, if you score well enough on all the tests, they WILL count for college credit :)

-You're tired because of seminary, which we all know you love. Plus, your boss is kind enough to let you work on just Fridays so you're able to do your homework and study for the 5 tests you've got in the next two days :)

-Be grateful that you've now gotten a taste of what thousands of people go through daily, including your own mother :)

This weekend is exactly what I need. Four day weekends are the best, especially when my days are filled with being with my best friends, along with a day trip to Nauvoo, for my very first time. I think this weekend will help me get that 'boost' I've been needing....