Saturday, March 28, 2009


Let's face the facts; our country is screwed. Our country is so far in dept that it is not only going to effect the people alive now, but generations to come. It's pretty messed up when the country is borrowing money to pay off debts and "bail out" big businesses who use the money to give out bonuses. Our President is NOT Jesus the Christ, therefore, no matter how many stimulus packages and 'financial aid plans' he creates, he will not "save" us. No where in the Bible does it say that "Barack Obama will become the President of the United States in 2009 and save the entire world without even breaking a sweat."

In times of turmoil, people generally begin to lament their problems and ask themselves why bad things are happening to them. Some people ask "where God is" and "why he isn't helping them." People's faith and belief begins to diminish. Because we're human, I'm sure all these thoughts have been through our minds at least once in our lifetime. It's only natural to wonder why bad things happen to people. I know I have.

During times of distress, do NOT turn away from God. God is the perfect remedy for trials and tribulation. He does not give you more then you can handle--after all, you ARE his child. Would your parents want you to be swimming in pains that you cannot bear? In D&C 58:4, is says "For after much tribulation come the blessings." When life knocks you down on your knees, just remember you're in the perfect position to pray to our Father in Heaven!

In time of recession, don't let your faith in God receed. Just remember that he is our Father and that He is always, always, always there for us.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Hollywood 10

As you know, I'm typically writing about my struggles with society norms or subjects that aren't very light and fluffy. Well, I decided to take a break from my seriousness (is that even a word?) and do something that every movie star magazine does at least once a year; the top hotties of the year. It's taken me a couple days to start my hottie list, but finally the results are here goes Aubrey's Top 10 Hollywood Hotties list.

#1. Hayden "Sizzling" Christensen
I knew he was a keeper as soon as I saw Revenge of the Sith back in the 7th grade. I was smitten. He was a hockey playing hottie who was in Star Wars--what more could I want?

#2. Paul "Wonderful" Walker
This guy was raised Mormon, so therefore he's automatically one of my favorites, plus he just so happens to be in some of my favorite movies (maybe they're some of my favorite because he's in them....) Let's face it, Mormon + hotness = a dream boat.

#3. Matthew "Mmm.." McConaughey
Enough said.

#4. Josh "Lovely" Lucas
Mmm, southern boy.

#5. Hugh "H-O-T" Jackman
One word: H-O-T! He may be 41 years old, but man, you CANNOT tell. He's a muscle machine in all his movies (X-Men Triology, Australia, Van Helsing, etc...), not to mention having an accent.

#6. Viggo "On Fire" Mortensen
What a studly man when he's a human fighting to destroy Mordor. Mmmm, delicious. I can't believe one of my mom's best friends knew Viggo's brother, who tried to set up a date for her and Viggo to go on..unfortunately, she DENIED it. I about died when she told me said no to dating VIGGO.

#7. Orlando "Blazing Body" Bloom
Another stud I was introduced to during the Lord of the Rings triology, along with the Pirates of the Carribean one. He's better as a brunette slaying sea creatures, but I'll take what I can get. Yum.

#8. James "Marvelous" Mardsen
I first saw him in the X-Men Trilogies (another hottie, woo), Hairspray, and 27 Dresses. Just take one look at him and you'll go gaga.

#9. Christian "BEAUUUTIFUL" Bale
I'm pretty sure the angels above carved his body and face out of the heavens.

#10. Justin "Delicious" Bartha
Not a very well known actor, but still just as hot. He was Riley in National Treasure 1 and 2.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'll Pass...

"Aubrey, you should try it sometime. Everyone does it."

Those words were spoken to me a few weeks ago, during biology. In my biology class, you are able to retake a test as many times as you want as long as you do the "make up" assignment, which is only correcting the questions you originally missed on the test. Generally, most of the kids who retake the test write down the answers, both the ones they missed and didn't miss, on a separate piece of paper so that when they retake the test they can get an A on the retake.

Biology isn't my strength. I don't care a dime about learning how cells multiply and divide during mitosis. Heck, half the time I'm doodling with my Crayola markers, or writing a note to my best friend. Sure, that's probably not the best idea to do when you don't get the class anyway, but I still do it anyway.

Back to the story.
Our tests were being passed back (which I had missed a good portion of the notes from being sick and staying home, and of course my lab partner never ever takes notes) so I didn't do as well as I had hoped. Everyone started to talk about how easy the retake test would be because they'd cheat. I was talking about it with a girl, who told me she always cheats on the retakes. "Aubrey, you should try it sometime. Everyone does it."

To be honest, I have cheated on tests before. Let's just say I was tempted to cheat when I was fading in the gospel a few years ago, and unfortunately, I gave in. Thankfully, I have emotionally and spiritually pulled myself together so I'm not giving in anymore, plus, my CTR ring always is a great physical reminder during test day to choose the right.

So yet again, my peers are pressuring me to do something I do not want to do...and once again, I am going to prove them wrong. I will not cheat on tests. Why not just study harder the first test and not have to take a retake test at all? What if you got caught and recieved a zero--wouldn't your cheating go to waste then?

My standards are set, and cheating is not one of them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Passport Photo Conundrums

As you know, my family is going to take a trip to Europe this upcoming June, which meant we had to get passports. As everyone knows, identification photos of ANY sort generally suck, and I have to say that mine was by far the worst picture I've ever seen of myself in my entire life.

The man at the post office was frustrated with me because I first wouldn't stop smiling (he told me that if I were getting arrested I wouldn't be smiling), and then he told me to move my bangs (which I absolutely hate to do) to the side, and then I had to tilt my head in a weird fashion.

Anyway, embarrassed and ashamed, I had to sign my passport the other evening for it to be "official." For your information, the photo at the left is a copy of my passport picture, except modified...and oddly enough, it actually looks BETTER then my passport picture does. Do you think the gov. would let me trade this picture out?

Because of my monstrosity of the passport picture, I began to create a list of things I CAN'T do until my passport expires, which is in 2019. My family has pitched in some cleaver ideas as well.

Things You Can't Do With An Ugly Passport Photo
1. No traveling outside of the United States (no brainer.)

2. You can't get married and take your honeymoon out of the States. What if your husband/wife wants to go to the Bahamas, but your photograph is so appalling that they demand a new person to take on the trip? What a waste.

3. Better work for a company that doesn't have any offices out of the States. What if you had to travel overseas? That wouldn't work out so well.

4. You shouldn't move to a different country--they'd have to see your hideous picture, and the result of that would be being shipped back to where you came from.

I'm sure there are more then just 4 things you're not able to do if you have an ugly passport photograph. Unfortunately, my dad foreshadowed that my driver's licence (whenever I get that, which I'm shooting for June) is even worse then the passport photographs are. Oh nelly, I hope that doesn't happen in my case! I don't think you can get much worse then what I've got.

I have two remedies to this I'm conundrum in; I can either get married so I have to change my last name, OR wait the 10 years out, not traveling out of the country any more then I have to. Hopefully, the first option will come before the second one, but you never know. As long as this crappy picture is eliminated from my passport eventually, then I'm one happy clam.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bible art

I was feeling artistic today, and I had seen that someone on Flickr (which is an image hosting site--the photographs on that site make me envious of their editing programs which I don't have) had done previously. I thought it looked super neat! I decided to use my favorite scripture as the background, Proverbs 3:5-6, and my new CTR ring (courtesy of Princess). Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my momma's 40th birthday! How exciting! For her birthday, because I'm a lame kid who still doesn't have my licence (which I know you're all very aware of that), I'm going to dedicate this post to her. I love you mom! :) Have a happy birthday!

40 Reasons Why I Love My Mom:
1. She brought me into the world even though she had absolutely no desire to.

2. Raised me in righteousness and never forced me to do church-y things

3. Taught me how to serve

4. Love everyone—no matter what their race or background

5. Keeps me clean (my personal hair cleanser)

6. Trusts me to be safe online

7. Gave me the ability to organize, aka OCD

8. Both have a Sharpie fetish

9. Her inability to know music lyrics

10. Taking us to fun places that most parents don’t take their kids to

11. Skip school to see movies on opening day

12. She taught me how you should ALWAYS write thank you cards

13. Educated me in the ways of 80’s music

14. Drives me to work

15. Lets me watch NASCAR every Sunday

16. Watches chick flicks and eats brownies up in the guest room

17. Taking me to “redneck” activities so we can talk about cute redneck guys

18. Orpha Beachie, her Rock Band alter ego

19. Lets us stay up late even while she crashes on the couch corner

20. Isn’t afraid to be the shebear

21. Listens to my problems and gives me advice

22. Tries on weird outfits, like Mossy Oak camo guilly suits

23. Practically a grandma with her cats, Rotary work, and house coats

24. Her weirdness

25. The white cubby wall full of quotes and bumper stickers

26. Quoting movie lines in daily conversation

27. Cleans my clothes

28. Turns the heat up…sometimes :)

29. Chad Knaus obsession

30. Lets me leave the radio on 101.1 The Fox, aka “Crappy Radio”

31. Ain’t afraid to call up companies and complain

32. Her little secret Facebook addiction

33. Her goofy Alaska stories

34. Photo trips

35. Always has plenty of cereal for me

36. Lets me wear her panty hose

37. “Girly gossip” and “Off The Record”

38. People watching in public

39. Mutual arthritis pains

40. Cheap ways=Trip to Europe

Sunday, March 1, 2009


The definition of "happy", according to, is delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing, characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy, favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky, apt or felicitous, as actions, utterances, or ideas, obsessed by or quick to use the item indicated. Lately, I've been noticing that people haven't been living up to their highest happy potential.

When things around us are falling apart, we still have the agency to chose how we react to situations and circumstances--we CHOOSE to be happy or not. Though things in life are less then idealistic, you can still have faith that you're going to get through your trials.

The leaders of the Young Women organization in the church recommend three things you can do daily to help strengthen you, but also help you strengthen those around you:
1. Pray
2. Read your scriptures
3. Smile

I know that you may think that these things don't help pay your bills, cure you or family members from their illnesses, have a successful business, be accepted at school, make your parents give you more freedom, move to a new place, or make new friends. However, if you just try these things everyday, I know that you will find yourself happier. I know this is true because it really does work!

"and whoso trusteth the Lord, happy is he."
-Proverbs 16:20

With March 3rd being "I Want You To Be Happy" Day, I want just that: be happy. Worry about your problems on the day before or the day after, but on this day, try your hardest to be happy and have a positive attitude.