Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food for Thought

Last night I was able to go see the new movie "How To Train Your Dragon." Holy cow, it was fantastic. It wasn't only fantastic because I enjoy little kid things, animation, Norse mythology and history. No, it wasn't just because of those things. It was because of something else entirely different.

The whole premise of the movie is about this Viking boy, Hiccup, and his trials as he tries to become a dragon killer, like his father. His father is the biggest, buffest man all around and the village's chieftan. Hiccup was a small and weak boy, so no one ever took him seriously or respected what he had to say. At one point in the movie, his father even says that he doesn't even recognize Hiccup as his son anymore. Hiccup only has one friend, his dragon Toothless.

This made me think.

Just because we're not perfect and as good as we should be, God doesn't disown us. He doesn't say "Hey, you're not my kid anymore. You suck." If we try to talk with Him, He will listen. If we need help, He will help us. God is the best dad in the entire world. And if we're ever alone, like Hiccup, we have companions: Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Both are there for us as long as week seek them out.

Anyway, this movie was fantastic. I would see it again and again and again and again. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten Tidbit Time (I love alliteration)

I am in a random mood today. I think it is because the sun is out and I'm feeling cheery. Kind of bizzare for an ever-so cranky pessimistic person. You think I'd be furious about the Obama health-care crap...which, I am, but at least I can milk off my parents' health insurance til I'm 26! Woo hoo.

I thought I'd share some tidbits about me. I know you know the generics about me, but I felt like being, I guess. Not really sure, honestly. Haha.

PS. I'm sorry that not everything is lined up perfectly. It's not working. I just spent half an hour trying to make everything look exactly the same (font wise) but it didn't work. It's making me mad, so to avoid deleting this blog, I am going to get on facebook :)

Tidbit Number One:When I was in the 8th grade, I was diagnosed with sever's disease. It's basically when the achilles tendion and ankle bone grow apart. My ankle swells like up like an elephant if I put too much pressure on it, wear the wrong shoes, or the weather jacks with it. I had to wear a cast for six weeks to help "fuse" my ankle bone back to the tendion. It did work, but I still have problems sometimes...and I don't think it helps that my arthrits spread to my ankles, either.

I have arthritis. I think most of you know that, but some don't. Some think I'm faking. Let me ask you this: why the heck would I want a disease were my joints ache all the time, especially since it showed up when I was in the 7th grade. I have it in my elbows, ankles, knees, and my fingers swell...bye bye CTR rings.

Tidbit Number Two:I've always been an artstic kind of person. Math? No. Science? No. Art, yes. I use to draw all the time, and I am slowly starting to pick back up that habit. I mostly draw little pictures for my friends, and I enjoy mailing them. I love mail, it's my favorite. I would write everyone in the world if I could--I think I get that paper obsession from my mother. As you know now, I am a photo freak. I don't know how, or why, I like it, but it makes me happy.

Tidbit Number Three:I went to a Star Wars convention in 2005. I didn't want to go, and basically denyed enjoying it. Well, for the record, I LOVED IT! I loved it so much that I am actually going to another in August in Flordia. I talk about Star Wars on everyday that ends with a "y."

Another thing: I hate any pictures of me with glasses (so from 2nd to 8th grade) so this is probably the only one I'll ever post.

Tibit Number Four:
I have an odd obsession with dead animals. My favorite thing about Missouri for years was all the road kill. I don't know why, but it just is something I oddly enjoy? Maybe that's why I love Cabela's...

Tidbit Number Five:I always have hair trama. Always, always, always. I'm never ever happy with it. I've dyed it, highlighted it, cut it, let it grow (not for Locks of Love) and let it do whatever it feels like. I've always had bangs. I probably had bangs in the premortal existance, actually. Ha! I have a callic, so I'm growing them more...side swipe? Please don't let me cut my bangs or dye my hair ever again--okay? Thanks.

Tidbit Number Six:I'm always doing something weird and completely unexplainable. Don't ask why because I honestly do not know. I'm sure 99% of you already know this about me.

Tidbit Number Seven:
I have no athletic skill whatsovever--unless it involves a video game controller (and even then I'm only good at the Call of Duty and Rock Band.) I did ballet--quit 2 weeks in. I did teeball, my dad as the coach--I quit the first inning of the first game. I cheat through mini golfing. I use the bumpers when bowling and still manage to be the worst out of everyone. I love to dance, but I have no coordination.

I was good at one sport in school: FLOOR HOCKEY! Best on my team. Even ask my parents. My team was almost to the championships...we would have won but I was paired up against the tallest boy in the grade and being a sky-skraping 4"7 didn't help at all. Plus, the pansy girls on my team did nothing...needless to say, I am still bitter about that decisive 5th grade game.

Tidbit Number Eight:
I smuggled in Dr. Pepper to youth conference last summer. I know, I'm bad. I'm doing better at giving up NASCAR on Sundays then I am at not drinking Dr. Pepper. Kind of weird.

And yes, you read right. I am trying to avoid watching the races on Sundays. I still check the scores online, but I dunno...I just feel like I have better things to do with my time.

Tidbit Number Nine:
I'm always telling everyone I love them. I just want them to know in case something bad were to happen, y'know? I started to especially after Megan passed in December of 2008. I don't remember ever telling her I loved her, and now she's to avoid that feeling again, I tell everyone.

I love you :)

You may be asking why I stopped. Well, if you caught it or not, the tenth is in the title of the blog. AH HA! Oh so clever. Not. Haha. I'm in a goofy mood, and I kind of like it.