Saturday, January 30, 2010

From catepillar to butterfly

I feel like a catepiller about to transform. For the longest time, let's say until I was about 13-14 years old, I was just a shell. I didn't talk, I didn't do anything by myself and I didn't even express any opinion whatsoever (except I wasn't afraid to say I had a crush on Apolo Anton Ohno.)

Over the recent years, I've started to build my cacoon...a cacoon of my identity. I opened myself up more and more, expressing what I wanted how I wanted. I got into photography and photomanipulation. I finally had my own testimony of religion. I stopped changing who I was to fit in with everyone else.

Like we all were taught in the first grade, after a period of time, the catepiller's cacoon breaks free and a butterfly emerges. I think this process is just starting to happen for me.

As you may or may not know, the state of MO has a program called "A+" and it basically means if you keep good grades/attendance, you get to go to a community college for free for 2 years. No brainer, right? Right. So, with this program, I get to go to a school that's less then 5 minutes away from my house, live at home, and work...FOR FREE!

Some of you may think it's better to go off to college, but lemme tell you...I'm not ready for that at all. Honestly. My wings haven't quite fully developed yet.

I applied for Maple Woods. I got in (everyone does as long as you know your name basically.) Even though it's considered "dumb" to go there, I think going into dept is dumber! Thank goodness for transfer programs...I'm so going to Utah State. Anyway...

I am officially a Maple Woods Monarch :)