Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make room for Jesus

"I have to move my NASCAR stuff to put Jesus up!"
Those words can be heard out of my mouth almost everyday since last Friday. My seminary teacher, Sister Kanenwisher (cannon--like baboom), gave everyone in the class a big wrapped present. We opened our gifts up to find a picture of Jesus in a frame with a sticker on the back talking about how this year in seminary we have been learning about Christ's ministry and such. "You can take it to school if you want, but some people may think you're a freak" was what Sister Kanenwisher told us before we headed upstairs after snacking on delicious cake and breakfast casserole (which is to die for--you need the recipe!) I decided to leave Jesus at seminary, but thankfully I was able to have him returned to me Sunday at church :)

Now, this Jesus print isn't exactly travel sized. I can't just find a small empty place on my wall to hang it up, I have to plan accordingly as to where I want to put the Savior in my room. I expressed the difficulty of finding a spot on my wall for Jesus because of his large size, and Sister Kanenwisher's secretive plan worked: make you make room for Jesus! Fortunately, I have just the right spot above my bed, right next to my Tony Stewart tin car wall hanging, for Jesus to be placed and nothing NASCAR related had to move! It's all good.
Okay, the gist of this story is that we all need to make room for Christ, whether it's a literal representation of him in our bedroom which makes you have to over throw part of your NASCAR fetish, or in our hearts. No one is perfect, therefore no one's love for Christ is, and that is why we must strive everyday to do our best to improve ourselves and be more like our older brother.


KC Mom said...

you make me proud. I'd teach seminary again next year just for you.

Christina said...

What a great gift! And what a great lesson...making room for Jesus.

Kathy said...

What a nice gift. And I am proud of you. A lesson worth remembering. Also, love your background on your blog. :)