Friday, March 20, 2009

My Hollywood 10

As you know, I'm typically writing about my struggles with society norms or subjects that aren't very light and fluffy. Well, I decided to take a break from my seriousness (is that even a word?) and do something that every movie star magazine does at least once a year; the top hotties of the year. It's taken me a couple days to start my hottie list, but finally the results are here goes Aubrey's Top 10 Hollywood Hotties list.

#1. Hayden "Sizzling" Christensen
I knew he was a keeper as soon as I saw Revenge of the Sith back in the 7th grade. I was smitten. He was a hockey playing hottie who was in Star Wars--what more could I want?

#2. Paul "Wonderful" Walker
This guy was raised Mormon, so therefore he's automatically one of my favorites, plus he just so happens to be in some of my favorite movies (maybe they're some of my favorite because he's in them....) Let's face it, Mormon + hotness = a dream boat.

#3. Matthew "Mmm.." McConaughey
Enough said.

#4. Josh "Lovely" Lucas
Mmm, southern boy.

#5. Hugh "H-O-T" Jackman
One word: H-O-T! He may be 41 years old, but man, you CANNOT tell. He's a muscle machine in all his movies (X-Men Triology, Australia, Van Helsing, etc...), not to mention having an accent.

#6. Viggo "On Fire" Mortensen
What a studly man when he's a human fighting to destroy Mordor. Mmmm, delicious. I can't believe one of my mom's best friends knew Viggo's brother, who tried to set up a date for her and Viggo to go on..unfortunately, she DENIED it. I about died when she told me said no to dating VIGGO.

#7. Orlando "Blazing Body" Bloom
Another stud I was introduced to during the Lord of the Rings triology, along with the Pirates of the Carribean one. He's better as a brunette slaying sea creatures, but I'll take what I can get. Yum.

#8. James "Marvelous" Mardsen
I first saw him in the X-Men Trilogies (another hottie, woo), Hairspray, and 27 Dresses. Just take one look at him and you'll go gaga.

#9. Christian "BEAUUUTIFUL" Bale
I'm pretty sure the angels above carved his body and face out of the heavens.

#10. Justin "Delicious" Bartha
Not a very well known actor, but still just as hot. He was Riley in National Treasure 1 and 2.


Dennis and Cherise said...

Great Choices! I'm glad to see its not the 10 that most teenage girls would pick. But then again you march to the beat of your own drum. Hugs!

Valsy said...

Uhhh, your mother is surprisingly speechless! You forgot Chad Knaus and Chow Young Fat.

Natalie said...

Your list=Yummy!

I don't know about the banner dimensions...I wish I did because then maybe I could change them so that the picture fills the entire banner!! Ughh, I hate it everytime I look at it. What do I do???

Kaitlyn said...

Agreed with all of it fantastic and funny all in one!

Karen said...

Well done. But does the fact that I didn't know all of those hotties make me old? Just checking...

Melanie Walker said...

#8 looks yummy.