Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my momma's 40th birthday! How exciting! For her birthday, because I'm a lame kid who still doesn't have my licence (which I know you're all very aware of that), I'm going to dedicate this post to her. I love you mom! :) Have a happy birthday!

40 Reasons Why I Love My Mom:
1. She brought me into the world even though she had absolutely no desire to.

2. Raised me in righteousness and never forced me to do church-y things

3. Taught me how to serve

4. Love everyone—no matter what their race or background

5. Keeps me clean (my personal hair cleanser)

6. Trusts me to be safe online

7. Gave me the ability to organize, aka OCD

8. Both have a Sharpie fetish

9. Her inability to know music lyrics

10. Taking us to fun places that most parents don’t take their kids to

11. Skip school to see movies on opening day

12. She taught me how you should ALWAYS write thank you cards

13. Educated me in the ways of 80’s music

14. Drives me to work

15. Lets me watch NASCAR every Sunday

16. Watches chick flicks and eats brownies up in the guest room

17. Taking me to “redneck” activities so we can talk about cute redneck guys

18. Orpha Beachie, her Rock Band alter ego

19. Lets us stay up late even while she crashes on the couch corner

20. Isn’t afraid to be the shebear

21. Listens to my problems and gives me advice

22. Tries on weird outfits, like Mossy Oak camo guilly suits

23. Practically a grandma with her cats, Rotary work, and house coats

24. Her weirdness

25. The white cubby wall full of quotes and bumper stickers

26. Quoting movie lines in daily conversation

27. Cleans my clothes

28. Turns the heat up…sometimes :)

29. Chad Knaus obsession

30. Lets me leave the radio on 101.1 The Fox, aka “Crappy Radio”

31. Ain’t afraid to call up companies and complain

32. Her little secret Facebook addiction

33. Her goofy Alaska stories

34. Photo trips

35. Always has plenty of cereal for me

36. Lets me wear her panty hose

37. “Girly gossip” and “Off The Record”

38. People watching in public

39. Mutual arthritis pains

40. Cheap ways=Trip to Europe


Natalie said...

I am sure Momma will agree this is the greatest gift you could give her! I loved this list!! Your mother is a treasure. I love her. And, you are a wonderful daughter!

Valsy said...

This is the best birthday gift you have ever given me. I love you. Thank you Girl

KC Mom said...

Aubrey are the gift.

Dennis and Cherise said...

What a wonderful gift to give to your mother on her day! I'm sure it made her smile knowing that her daughter has so much love for her.