Sunday, January 11, 2009

Batman Acts 1/4-1/10

I've decided in order to feel like I'm actually doing things that are out of my ordinary, I thought I'd write about each "Batman" act that I've done this week in order to help me overcome my fears. I know this is probably going to get a little tedious to read every week, but this is my blog and not yours :) Hahah.

Sunday, January 4th:
Being the shy girl I am, I have only stood up in young women's ONCE and bore my testimony to the girls. This year, I decided I need to be more accountable for my behavior, and that I needed to tell the girls how I was feeling. After 3 very moving testimonies by some of my favorite girls, the moment seemed perfect. I got up in front of everyone and immediately started to cry. I didn't bear my testimony, but I said that I have been feeling very regretful for not being at the activities last year as much as I should have, and that I plan to come more this year, AND that I am there for all the girls whenever they need someone.

Tuesday, January 6th:
I had to present something in one of my classes, and I actually volunteered to go 3rd. I was so excited to get the thing overwith that I wasn't even that nervous or embarassed. It felt good.

Thursday, January 8th:
My teacher is in charge of this school run program called Rennisance. This is a program that rewards the students who do well in their studies in school, and who also has good citizenship throughout the school as well. She was asking for people who'd be interested in joining the committee who would plan the activites and execute them. I signed up to be on it, and hopefully I am put on it.

Saturday, January 10th:
Youth activity, and since I'm on the committee that plans out the stake activities, I had a meeting. I was asked to give a prayer, in front of everyone who was at the meeting. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. I usually hate giving prayers in front of people, I just get my words mixed up and feel embarassed. It has nothing to do with praying, it has to do with me--I'm always trying to show up late to mutual so I never have to give a prayer, pathetic! I'm going to work on that. Another "Batman" act I did on Saturday was being in a skit in front of 100+ people, which was part of the youth activity. I didn't have a speaking role, but I was an extra and still had an important role (it was a skit talking about the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, and I was the house who got blown over. I even had to fall down on the stage!) As silly as that may sound, this was a HUGE step for me--to volunteer to put myself up in front of everyone.

I know these aren't exactly the most major things that I can do, but to me, each and every one of these things is helping me slowly overcome my fear of public speaking. I am so thankful that God is there helping me along the way, along with every single one of you who is there for me. Thank you.


Dennis and Cherise said...

WOW! Aubrey that is great! I'm so proud and happy for you. I know that being infront of people has never been your thing, but your taking steps to over come your fear. That takes alot to do something like are such a stong person!

David Portney said...

Hi Aubrey,

I applaud and support your efforts; it's not easy to take the bull by the horns and act in the face of fear. Good for you, keep going and at some point you'll look back and see you've come much further than you might have ever hoped or imagined.

David Portney

Hunter Bug said...

You didnt give your testimony?? are you kidding?? that was such a great testimony!!!!! probably the most moving one i heard all day! Love you!