Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Paper Clips

paper clip /[pey-per klip] –noun
1. a flat wire or plastic clip shaped so that it can hold sheets of paper between two of its loops.
2. a spring clamp for holding papers.

Paper clips are simple, yet complex. Loops of organization bended to keep important papers oh so delicately secured in a saftey net of metal wire. Seen at offices, houses, schools, and even on earrings occasionally. Found in all sizes, from extremely big to itsy bitsy.

Paper clips are one of my favorite organization tools, besides my eliquently labled binders, folders, and other organizational tools I use at school. It started with about 3 paper clips, but I found that just was not enough. I upgraded to about 5 clips, and found that, too, was not enough to fufill my addiction to these little wire loops. I just recently found a big box of them in my basement, being filled with excitement, I grabbed a handful and my collection is about 12 or so. Paper clips aren't just used for cheap jewelry, or for organization, but also to represent something that was an enormous impact on our Earth.

A few years ago, a small school in Tennesse decided to collect paper clips to represent every victim that was murdered in the Holocaust. The project became very well known, even making a documentary (which my mom dragged me and my brother to the most boring mall in the entire world--literally ever store was closed down except for some gift store and the cat adoption center. It was pretty bad; I resorted to throwing a button pin around the parking lot.) Anyway, it was pretty incredible what this tiny itty bitty school was able to do, and I am astonished that they were able to do this. I guess it just shows that anyone can make a difference.


Valsy said...

:) You knew I would love it.

KC Mom said...

This is the perfect outlet for you. I love that you are paper clip ocd!

Kathy said...

just fabulous. it is so nice to read something you have written. i love paper clips too. but i like to use the decoratively, in my paper crafting. i did not know about the school that collected the paper clips. Your mom always comes up with the coolest outings. lol :)

Natalie said...

I love paper clips too!! And paper, and pens, and even tape, oh and we can't forget rulers, and notebooks and markers and oh my... I just wish I could live in Staples. Sorry, I got carried away there, didn't I?? Thank you for sharing that story! I will remember it everytime I use a paper clip.