Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Denistry Drama

den-tist-ry /[den-tuh-stree] –noun
1. The profession or science dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases and malformations of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity, and the removal, correction, and replacement of decayed, damaged, or lost parts, including such operations as the filling and crowning of teeth, the straightening of teeth, and the construction of artificial dentures.

I know that it's perfectly normal to be afraid of doctors and dentists, unfortunately, I have both of those fears (well, I'm not as afraid of them as I use to be. I finally decided to buck up and let them do their job because in the end they're really just helping me.) It's always a good feeling when your dentist tells you that you're his hero and that you're a rock star because you're no longer biting him or kicking him (I kid you not, my dentist actually said those words to me today when I went to have a broken tooth filled.)

Over the years I have accumulated different horror stories from when I went to the dentist. When I was 5, I had to be put to sleep (literally--never fall for the "Hey I'll Give You a Sticker as My Assistant Jabs You With a Needle Full of Drug That'll Knock You Out For a Few Hours") just to put in 3 silver caps on my teeth. Countless times I have bitten my dentist or slobber on their fingers "accidentally." One time, I had to get a tooth pulled so my dentist was shoving the extremely painful needle into the roof of my mouth to numb my gums, well, I pushed her away from me (consiquently, I got my butt chewed out because the needle could have hurt her, which at the time I didn't care.) I never went back to the dentist chair without my momma until I was 15yrs old, and I use to ball my eyes out everytime I had to get my teeth cleaned. I'm sure that there are other stories that have become historical tales throughout the years, but they seemed to have slipped my mind. Oh well.

Anyway, it always makes a girl feel good when her dentist tells the office that she no longer punches and kicks him like she use to, and that he's proud of the progress she's made.


Natalie said...

Congrats, rock star!
Hey, I am waaaayyyyy overdue for
a dentist appt. because I hate it so much. Maybe you could come visit and take me?!? (No, that was not a joke, I am very serious!)

Kathy said...

I am not a fan of the dentist either, so no one made me go as a kid. Thus I have to go more now as an adult. Good for you for facing your fears and going to the dentist. It does not hurt that your dentist is so nice and not hard on the eyes. :)

Amber said...

Yeah for you! Just a little secret...I HATE going to to the dentist...But I guess it is good for us.