Sunday, August 22, 2010

Growing pains

I can't help but believe that God knows all of His children. He knows our flaws, our strengths, our desires, the buttons we hate to get pushed, our guilty pleasures, our hopes, our dreams, our fears, everything. God knows us better then anyone else on this planet (I bet He didn't even need to have my mom tell him about my tendencies to stuff trash in the pockets of the car.)

I have to believe that God knows me. I know He knows me because of what I've been given. We are only given that which we can handle, which, most of the time seems too much to bear. God knows that we can bear it, and gives us our trials as a growing experience.

Sometimes, we do not know why we must go through the pains of life, but think of it as "growing pains"--like when you're a teenager. You must reach your body's physical stopping point, and sometimes that means one must experience physical pain in the growing process. Trials are just the growing pains of our spirituality.

God knows me. He knows that I couldn't handle having long term illnesses, such as cancer or eosinophilic gastroenteritis. He knows that my bad vision, arthritis and bad ankles are probably the only physical ailments I could handle right now in life.

He knows that my low pain tolerance would lead me to complain, leading my family and friends to probably go insane from hearing me saying "it hurts." Once again, God, our father, knows what we are able to handle.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for those in my life who have manned up during their times of trials, keeping their faith in God in their hearts and head held high.

I know that without their great examples, I would not be appreciating what problems I have. I'd be saying "Hey, God, I kind of would like to not have joint pain every day. I kind of would like to be able to wear whatever shoes I'd like. I kind of would like to be able to see without contacts." Instead, I am saying "Hey, thank you for what I have been given."

Never forget our Father in Heaven. He knows you, and He will always bring you aid during your trials. Never, ever forget this.


Andi O said...

I wish every young person your age was as insightful and trusting as you are. It is inspiring to read your posts and know that our youth today have definitely got their priorities straight, despite what we often hear to the contrary. People like you and others that also have their heads on straight give us so much hope and faith in the future!!! Love you much!


KC Mom said...

You are wise to be recognizing this at your age. I still don't always get it.
Love you.