Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food for Thought

Last night I was able to go see the new movie "How To Train Your Dragon." Holy cow, it was fantastic. It wasn't only fantastic because I enjoy little kid things, animation, Norse mythology and history. No, it wasn't just because of those things. It was because of something else entirely different.

The whole premise of the movie is about this Viking boy, Hiccup, and his trials as he tries to become a dragon killer, like his father. His father is the biggest, buffest man all around and the village's chieftan. Hiccup was a small and weak boy, so no one ever took him seriously or respected what he had to say. At one point in the movie, his father even says that he doesn't even recognize Hiccup as his son anymore. Hiccup only has one friend, his dragon Toothless.

This made me think.

Just because we're not perfect and as good as we should be, God doesn't disown us. He doesn't say "Hey, you're not my kid anymore. You suck." If we try to talk with Him, He will listen. If we need help, He will help us. God is the best dad in the entire world. And if we're ever alone, like Hiccup, we have companions: Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Both are there for us as long as week seek them out.

Anyway, this movie was fantastic. I would see it again and again and again and again. :)

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KC Mom said...

Okay first of all...
I love that you are up and going on a saturday morning!
Second...I love that you can tie in a gospel theme to a movie!
Did you like Alice in Wonderland? I thought it was great how it showed the self-steem of a girl improve and how she learns that she can do anything or be anything she wants!