Monday, June 22, 2009

All wrapped in one

For those of you who know me, you know how passionate I am about NASCAR (sometimes, I think I need to bridle that passion and direct it to another portion of my life.) For those of you who remember (those who don't can find a post about it under the month of December), I find caring for the environment is an important issue. There were a pleasent surprise for myself when I was doing my daily browse of NASCAR's website.

NASCAR is starting a new line of environmental programs, one which is called NASCAR Green Clean Air. This is a program that plants 10 trees for every race that is in the Sprint Cup schedule, which totals to 360 trees a season. This program is not the only green thing that NASCAR is starting to do either.

"There are strong waste management, land conservation and bottle-and-can recycling programs at NASCAR-sanctioned race tracks; all oils and car fluids used at the track are recycled by Safety-Kleen; Goodyear recycles all tires used in racing; Exide provides a recycling program for racing batteries and all NASCAR offices have introduced a recycling program aimed at 100 percent recycling, while two new NASCAR office buildings, the 20-story NASCAR Plaza in Charlotte, N.C., led by NASCAR and the new headquarters building for ISC and NASCAR in Daytona Beach, Fla., will qualify for LEED certification, an important and relatively rare distinction making them "green buildings."

Aubrey is one happy green NASCAR camper.

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Natalie said...

A happy, green NASCAR can't ask for anything more than that! ;)

Hunter Bug said...

Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey.. NASCAR is totally bending down to YOUR needs now. Lol.

Hope you enjoyed Transformers!!!! I know I did!!!!!!! :)