Monday, May 4, 2009

Temporal and Eternal

This past weekend was one full of recognition for myself, which usually I'm not all about being the center focal point of an audience, but this weekend was inevitable and a great honor.

On Sunday, I was inducted into my high school's first National Honor Society (NHS) group, and later that evening I received the Stake President's Award for seminary during this past school year.

I received two signed "official" certificates, along with two tokens. They may seem similar, but they are very different in my eyes. One is temporal, one is eternal.

The NHS award was signed by school officials, and the token was a pin with the NHS logo. To be in the NHS is an honor and a great academic achievement (so people say.) It looks good on college resumes and job applications. This NHS award, to me, is nothing more then a temporal "look at what I did" achievement--I feel there isn't anything special behind this. All I did was fill out an application, saying what service I've done in my community, and got good grades. And, not to mention the candle we were required to hold during the ceremony melted all over my hands...ouch.
My seminary award is very important to me. Along with the certificate, I was given a necklace that said "Messiah" in Hebrew. This achievement seemed much more difficult to achieve then my NHS one. The requirements (which I stole from my seminary teacher's blog) to get this achievement are:
  • Read 200 days throughout the entire school year
  • Read the entire New Testament
  • Memorized 25 scripture master and say them twice
  • Memorize the Books of the New Testament
  • Memorize the 1st Presidency and Quorum of the 12 Apostles
  • Attend 100% or completed the homework/makeup work for 100% attendance
  • Fewer than 30 tardies for the year (mind you seminary starts at 5:55 AM)

This award won't get you into a super duper fantastic college, or get you the highest paying job in the world. However, this award WILL make your testimony grow--I promise you. This dedication these kids put forth is amazing, and I look up to those who have done this award before AND those kids who graduated this year from seminary.

Not to be stingy or anything, I AM grateful that I got inducted into the NHS...I'm just more grateful that my testimony has grown immensly since I started working towards the Stake President Award. I don't know about your oppinon, but, my testimony is way more important that some silly pin that says "NHS" on it.

And thank you for EVERYONE who has supported me! I'd be nowhere without you guys!


KC Mom said...

I'm just so grateful for YOU. ♥

Dan and Sheila said...

Go Aubrey, Good job.

Natalie said...

I just sit in amazement of you!

p.s. I mean that sincerely...I realized with all the smart mouthed(but very loving) people that surround you, my comment may have sounded a bit sarcastic. :) But truly, you are too wonderful for words! Love you!

Valsy said...

Who ya callin' "smart mouthed?" :)

Creester, I LOVED this post! We are very proud of the person you are and it is neat to see YOU realizing all the great potential inside of you finally coming out.

I always knew it was there. Of course. I mean you are MY girl. :) (whose smart mouthed?)

Karen said...

Aubrey - you are so wise beyond your years and such an inspiration to even those who are much older than you (including me!) You have such a wonderful spirit! I love you!