Saturday, April 4, 2009


There's one thing I can't stand at all; liars. Why would you intentionally avoid telling the truth and being honest to avoid getting out of trouble? Sure, you may not get caught all the time, but you get the reputation of not being honest and people can't trust, if you get caught then everyone loses faith in you. This week, I have been dealing with liars and lying in general. If it isn't one thing, then it's another...I apparently get confronted with moral issues every week :)

A girl, who I thought I could trust generally, started to feed me lies about two very important people that go to church with me. I was miffed. How dare she lie to ME about people I see EVERY SINGLE DAY? Does she honestly believe I'm going to believe her, the girl who badmouths everyone and is a consistent liar? I think not. I told the two people what she said about them, and they laughed and said that this is who she really is. I couldn't believe she was trying to even trick ME into believing that I what I get at Starbucks, the double choc. chip frapp which has NO caffeine in it minus the chocolate, contained coffee. Nice try. I'm just glad that one of my friends in that class was saying that I don't lie...glad someone has me covered.

Another time I was during lunch on Friday. A friend of mine apparently got on the computer when he wasn't suppose to, then his parents found out, then he blamed his best friend--saying that it was really him who got onto Facebook. Then he faked changing his password and made it looked like his best friend changed it, and so he wasn't able to "get online." Anyway, at lunch he and his best friend were planning to have his best friend call his house and leave a message saying that it was really him who got on Facebook and that he was sorry. I was in shock--lying to get out of trouble for both lying AND breaking a rule. The best friend called the parents, lying to them, and he did it because "he was just helping out his friend." They asked me for advice, so I said that I thought it was ridiculous that they were A. Lying in the first place, B. Lying to cover up their lies, C. Blaming someone else and making them take the fall. I told them that I don't lie, and then I was accused of lying for saying that. I finally got so upset that I got up, left the lunch table and proceed to go to my class without saying goodbye. I knew it was time to leave once they were saying "that once you lie a lot the guilt just goes away" and talking about how good of liars they are.

I'm grateful that I was born with a personality that doesn't need to lie. It's a blessing.


Natalie said...

Everything about you is a blessing!

KC Mom said...

I'm glad you were born that way too. :)

Karen said...

Good for you Aubrey. It really is hard to deal with people like that...I am glad you stick to your beliefs. Way to go!