Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Facts

I found this little 'factoid' that literally all 723 friends of mine seem to have done. The rules are that you must post 25 unknown facts or goals about yourself, and then you can "tag" people in the game to see if they'll repost it filling out little info about themselves. Being tagged in this game 7 times (yes, I counted..and yes, it's sad that I did), I decided I'd do it. Unfortunately, I don't think I have 25 facts or goals about myself that you, my readers, wouldn't already know, but hey, I think it'll give me something interesting to blog about and provide you something interesting (maybe) to read. Here I go...

Twenty Five Factoids 'bout Aubrey
1. I let my fears dictate my life, well, I use to anyways. As you all know, I'm trying to overcome them so I can live a life without having to be paranoid about things I can never change, or things that aren't so scary after all.

2. I think Luke Skywalker should just man up and shut the crap up.

3. I told people I was Cyclops from X-Men when I was in the 3rd grade, and that's why my vision wasn't perfect because my laser beams messed it up so I had to wear glasses to protect the rest of man kind.

4. Getting contacts was one of THE best moves of my entire lifetime.

5. I started to like NASCAR to impress a boyfriend, but even after we broke up I continued to watch it, and then resulting in an addiction beyond normality.

6. I listen to various music genres a lot. Sometimes its heavy metal like Disturbed, then sometimes its country music like Jason Aldean or Trace Adkins, or sometimes the amazing 1980's hair bands like Metallica or Guns and Roses, or even the boy bands of Nsync or Backstreet Boys.

7. One of my biggest regrets I've had in my life was not going to the Metallica concert in October.

8. I use to collect Ty Beanie Babies and I have over one hundred.

9. I have a very addictive personality, but I also quit or give up very easily as well. I guess if I were to ever get into drugs, you know I'd quit because I'm a quitter.

10. There was a point in my life when I hated going to church and being with the youth of my ward. I felt like a sore thumb, and that I would never, ever fit in or be accepted. Every day before church I'd cry and tell my parents I didn't want to go because I felt so secluded.

11. I use to cuss like a sailor in the 9th-10th grade. I'm still working on not saying words in my head, but unfortunately Satan has been getting the best of me sometimes.

12. I write in my journal almost every single day. The days I don't journal, I always write about them on a different day.

13. Poptarts, cereal, tacos/burritos/quesadillas, Hawaiian haystacks, Burger King french fries are my favorite foods.

14. I won't use the products of the sponsors of the NASCAR drivers that I don't like. For example, never ever will you see me using Dupont paint products nor chewing Big Red gum.

15. I literally am addicted to the Internet. It sucks.

16. My favorite button on a camera is probably the delete button.

17. My dad almost made my middle name Arapaho after the Indian tribe. To me, that sounds like a-rape-a-hoe. Thanks mom for not letting him give me that middle name!

18. I feel sorry that my generation will be adults soon. It terrifies me.

19. I believe almost everything everyone tells me, which usually isn't a good thing.

20. I hope I don't grow up to be the crazy cat lady that lives down the street.

21. I really, really, really want to be a psychologist or school guidance counselor. I love to help people feel better when they've been having a rough time.

22. I LOVE to write. I write all the time, just for fun even. I pay more attention if I'm writing things down--just even take a look at my seminary journal.

23. Seminary is my favorite part of the day besides going to sleep.

24. I quote movie/tv lines a lot, and I'm not exaggerating. My family would be conversationless without movie/tv quotes to pepper into our conversations.

25. I would love to have laser hair removal on my legs and arms. I feel like a walking Wookie somedays.


Valsy said...

Sadly, the wookie feeling is genetic. :) Glad you considered the safety of mankind so early in life with your XMan moves.

You forgot to mention that you believed you were a dog for two years and went through a phase where you thought you were a nacho chip. Don't forget you wore a skirt everyday of your life until like last week. :)

KC Mom said...

These are awesome...and thanks for the extras from Mom. I've thought about doing these but I can't come up with 25 things!

Natalie said...

Ok, so before I read that you thought you were a nacho chip, my favs were the "walking Wookie" and "crazy cat lady". You forgot to mention how freakin' hilarious you are!!