Friday, January 16, 2009

Batman Acts 1/11-1/17

Like I mentioned previously, I am going to write down my fears that I've slowly, but surely, started to overcome. This week was a bit redundant and much of the same thing was repeated; school, work, driving, etc.

Monday, January 12th:
My first day of work! :)
I'm officially the "Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday Girl" for David Tallant ( at his amazing hot rod shop. I also drove to and from work without any problems.

Wednesday, January 15th:
My teacher who made the Renaissance Committee for my school said that I am guaranteed a position on the committee since she's the one who made it, whoo hoo.

Friday, January 16th:
I was given an invitation to attend an NHS meeting next week (at 6:50am!) I really hope I'm able to get into it this year, considering last year I did half of the activities I'm doing now (even though I barely do much of anything nowadays anyway.) Wish me luck :)


Valsy said...

I love that you are recording these things because it makes you accountable to yourself and everyone around you. I am proud of you. You are making some great strides and that is fun for us to see! I am sorry I have been off this week. Long week with some long moments.
I love you

KC Mom said...

You have really been coming out of your shell this year. I'm proud of you.

Natalie said...

A week full of accomplishments!
Way to go!